Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

 1. I am a CALA member. How do I get the discount on the training courses?

After you select your courses, go to the checkout cart. Enter your CALA membership number in the Discount field. Your discount will be applied to your full order.

The membership discount applies to CALA Institutional Members only.

2. I used my CALA membership number in the Discount field, but it was rejected. Why am I not getting the discount?

If your laboratory is a CALA Institutional Member, contact training@cala.ca or phone 613-233-5300 x221, so we can address the issue.

3. I want to pay by invoice. Is that option available?

You can arrange to pay by invoice by contacting training@cala.ca or calling 613-233-5300 x221. Please note that CALA has a prepayment policy.

4. I am purchasing a course for someone in the laboratory. How do I make the purchase?

Whenever possible, complete the customer information using the name and contact information of the person attending the course. The information in the customer information fields is used to immediately either create an account in the CALA Training Portal or to add the course to an existing account.

If you need to have the receipt in your name instead of the participants (e.g. registering from the purchasing department) then provide the name and email address of the participant in the notes field at the checkout, and CALA Training will update the CALA Training Portal so the participant can access their course.

5. What is CALA's cancellation policy?

Course enrollments may be cancelled up to two weeks prior to the scheduled course. Notification must be provided by email to training@cala.ca. CALA Training allows laboratories to substitute attendees in the event that the original registrant is unable to attend.

6. Do you offer group discounts?

Yes. If you register three or more people to the same course, you are eligible for a 10% discount. Contact training@cala.ca or call 613-233-5300 x221 to register your group and receive the discount.


 If you have additional questions, contact training@cala.ca or call 613-233-5300 x221.