Making the most of a Premium Webinar Subscription

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A CALA Premium Webinar Subscription is one of the most economical ways to provide your laboratory staff with training on your management system and on leadership/interpersonal skills. But are you using your subscription to its full potential?

Most laboratories are aware that you can broadcast the live webinars in a meeting room. This allows you to train as many of your staff as you need on relevant topics. Continuing a discussion at the end of the webinar can allow you to tie the details from the webinar to your own laboratory practices.

What about those recordings?

What you may not be aware of is that CALA records all the webinars and those recordings are available as part of your subscription. The available recordings now number over 100. If there is a topic you want to provide information on to your laboratory staff, you can either play the recording in a meeting room, or provide the link to the webinar and your login details to your staff and have them view the webinar on their own. 

On-board new hires

You can use webinars as part of your on-boarding process. Choose the topics you want to include and assign them to new hires. For example, webinars such as Laboratory Accreditation or Non-conforming work and Corrective Actions can help bring new hires up to speed on the basics of management systems. Active Listening or Communication Basics can start your new hires on the right track in terms of their interpersonal skills. Click here to get details on the upcoming webinar on on-boarding using webinars. 

Address skill gaps


Individual employees often can benefit from increased knowledge in specific areas. As part of on-going performance management, assign specific webinars to your employees.

Allow for self-directed learning

Provide the list of webinars and links to your staff so they can explore any of the topics that interest them. You will need to provide the login details as well.

Track webinar training

Don't forget to have your employees track their webinar attendance. Each webinar comes with a training record that your employees can complete and add to their training record. 


If you are not yet a Premium Webinar Subscription holder, check out the details on subscriptions to take advantage of this training resource! 

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