4200V: Internal Calibration for Laboratories - VIRTUAL - October 24 to 25, 2017

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Date: October 24-25, 2017

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Non-member: $780.00

Learn to competently propagate the uncertainties associated with temperature, volume, and mass from laboratory reference instruments to those instruments used for testing. Establish credible traceability of measurement. Ensure that internal calibration procedures meet competence criteria for the desired levels of uncertainty to be propagated.

Note: This course is not intended for laboratories that calibrate instruments for use by other laboratories.

This course is for participants to learn to competently propagate uncertainties for mass, temperature, and volume instruments in the range parts per ten to parts per thousand – the smallest uncertainties can be propagated in a testing lab.

Participants are provided training material related to basic measurement instrument calibration and a listing of supporting information.

Note: Participants need access to a computer with a microphone. A webcam is recommended, but not required.

This is a one-day course that is split over two half-days.


After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the theory and principles of calibration as it applies to mass, volume and temperature
  • Calculate the uncertainty propagated through the calibration process
  • Determine the uncertainty contribution of the calibrated device within laboratory testing work